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What does it mean to become a member?

Membership is limited to Tempe residents, and is initiated by your phone call to our office. We will arrange a time to come and meet you, and will fill out the membership forms together and will answer any questions you may have. Annual fees of $96.00 for individuals and $180.00 for a couple cover all services, which are provided by volunteers who have undergone background checks.

What services are provided by our Volunteers?

Transportation. Driving and/or accompanying you to medical appointments, grocery shopping, prescription pick-up, errands and social events.  Volunteers drive within in 12-mile radius (1-way) and trips are limited to 2/week.
Friendly Visits or Phone Calls.  Our volunteers will come to your home for friendly visits or make phone calls to say hello.
Gardening & Yard Care.  We provide seasonal yard clean up (up to 4 per year).  We cannot trim large trees or extremely large, dense yards, but we will clean up weeds, trim bushes, and mow lawns. 
Light Home Maintenance.  We will replace light bulbs, air filters, smoke alarm and hearing aid batteries, and make minor home repairs.
Technology Assistance. We provide guidance with cell phones, televisions, and general computer assistance, such as troubleshooting and installations.
Light pet care.  Our volunteers will walk your dog to ensure your pet stays healthy.  

What are the benefits of being part of Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors?

A sample of our membership who took the Quality of Life assessment when becoming members and again one year later indicates:

  • 84% know and talk to more people than they used to.
  • 84% say they are more likely to know how to get assistance when they need it.
  • 84% feel they are more likely to be able to remain in their own home as they age.
  • 79% of respondents agreed with the statement: "I believe people care about me."
  • 79% say they feel more connected with other people.
  • 79% report that their quality of life is improved.
  • 84% report feeling less lonely than before joining.
What is the significance of our members feeling more connected to community? It extends beyond simple acts of kindness: current research in aging has documented that older adults who are more socially engaged have stronger health profiles overall. Stress and depression rates lower, blood pressure lowers, and cognitive abilities are strengthened. These factors have been measured in several medical studies and are just now beginning to provide a more complete picture of what it means to age.

Maintaining a feeling of control over one's life, being able to pick up a prescription, knowing that the weeds will be pulled in time to avoid a citation and maintain a sense of pride in one's home reduces anxiety and improves mental and physical health. While the overall cost savings to our own community have yet to be realized, it can only be a positive in reducing rates of illness, hospitalization, disability, and lowered quality of life. 

Thank you to our volunteers who make this possible for their neighbors, and thank you to our members for showing us how to age in place as we make our way into the future. We know we are not alone.